April 16, 2008

sunny days sweeping the clouds away

today is the sunniest day!! it's still chilly, but man it's gorgeous. not a cloud up there. and - IT'S DUCK DAY! wahoo! it happened on this day last year too. it's fun to watch the guys go crazy as it's announced in chapel! i cannot BELIEVE these boys are actually going to go swimming - it's been below freezing at night the past three nights! SHEESH! what happens during duck day? eating contests (krytals, cottage cheese, raw whole jalepenos, to name a few), various races (usually grown men (faculty) on the tiniest bicycles with training wheels you've ever seen), and belly flop contests. then they get to go home around noon or so. lucky ducks.

eye update: the drops work! the first day was rough, but a) i've gotten used to putting them in which is HUGE, and b) they're actually working. my eyes don't get strained anymore. it's amazing - a doctor who knows what's wrong AND knows how to fix it! wonder of wonders!!

what else was i going to blog about? the words came out of my mouth this morning "i'm going to blog about that!!" hmm....

oh and btw: i had to change my security to not allow annonymous posts b/c i've been having some sketchy issues. please don't take it personally! (unless you're the sketchy one...in which case, it's all because of YOU.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday, Lyndsay! Hopefully you won't feel sick tomorrow because of all of the cottage cheese.

4:34 PM  

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