June 11, 2008


chris got a phone call yesterday from his new boss. he said "you still have a job..." (when he was retelling me this story, i thought 'oh great! a paycut!') "...you'll still be doing exactly what we discussed, but you'll also be teaching a section of general music...." he was surprised at first, but now he's gotten really excited. teaching english and music? are you kidding me? God said "hm. how could we make this job more tailor made to fit you exactly....hey, i know!!! english AND music!!!"

in other news, it's hot. really hot. and it's barely june. what will july and august be like?!?! chris and i get to spend a long weekend at the nc cabin together in celebration of our 2 year anniversary...oh boy. i just realized i didn't post anything on our anniversary....i'm a bad blogger....it was june 3rd....i was so distracted by jency and nathan's wedding that i couldn't think of anything else!! anyway, we're super excited!! but jency and nathan shirai said that their week up there was super hot - the cabin was really stuffy the whole time. what?! that doesn't happen until august!! not too hot already!!!

here's to 760 days of being married!!!


Blogger rachel said...

Your wedding picture is so beautiful! I wish i had known you then. :)

1:53 PM  

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