June 10, 2008


it's official. i can announce it from the rooftops! everyone needs to know!!! (i am not pregnant...)


*whew* i've been holding that one in for a few weeks now. i was about to bust! he didn't want to announce it until his current job knew, and his current job couldn't know until a proper "notice" time was up, which was yesterday. three weeks and he's done with unum. he'll have the month of july to prepare his lesson plans and classroom. (and rest a bit!) he'll be a co-worker with my brother and another good friend of ours! i could type and type all day and never express to you how excited and proud i am!! i really think he's going to be in his element with these 12 year olds! it's so exciting too that, since it's a christian school, he can openly share his faith when the opportunitites arise! so if you think about it during your day, say a prayer for him that God would give him the creativity and ability to lead these kids into a deeper understanding of english as well as HIS spirit. (also say a prayer for us for the end of july/beginning of august - we close on our house and move into it on july 31, and then he starts this new job august 1!!! CRAZY!!)

in other news, forrest and alex get married in 32 days. it's unbelieveable!! i got my final fitting for the bridesmaids dress and it's GORGEOUS. i can't wait to wear it on their amazingly blessed day.


Blogger Jeni said...

Yeah for Chris!!!

In response to your comment on my blog: does the water not have to be warm to mix the bottle? Because that was my biggest delima? (Sorry to seem like a stupid mom).

9:13 AM  
Blogger Mr. Walker said...

I normally do not respond to these blogs but I must say that CCS is very fortunate to have my brother in law as a teacher. Drew Campbell and I are estatic. In fact, I did a back flip upon learning the official news. Unfortunately, I pulled a groin in the process but I am almost 100%....Chris, congrats man....you will love CCS!

8:38 PM  

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