June 05, 2008

jency and nathan's wedding, part 2

borrowed from others! (mostly) a lot of these have weird colorations - we played with settings where the camera only picks up one color. i think they're REALLY cool. especially the purple ones!! :)

beautiful location!

the night before, we made her a true princess!!

jency and her girls (minus sarah) at the rehearsal!

rehearsal dinner flirting!

more rehearsal dinner lovin'!!! LOOK AT THEM! i love this one. good grief......

manly men shoot guns the day before they get married.

and pose beside motorcycles with their groomsmen...:)

jency getting her mama's help - she's gorgeous!!

see?! she's a ringing bell!!!

we needed a lot of help that afternoon....mostly mentally....:)

so we loaded up on the good stuff - ice cream!!!!

i LOVE the look on her face!!!!!


here it comes!!!

that's right people - he got the garter with his TEETH!

i don't think they could be happier!!!

gettin' it in front of the cousins!!!

laura and i whispered sweet nothings into each others' ears all weekend. :)


the shirais!!!


Blogger Jenn said...

i love love love these pictures.. you my dear look absolutly gorgeous and i am soo happy for jency. Wow. i am so excited. thanks for making me feel like i was there beautiful one. i miss you and i am praying for you sister and i really love keeping up with you on your blog.

11:22 AM  
Blogger rachel said...

Ok, what girl DIDN'T want that perfect bell dress after watching "Runaway Bride"?

1:55 PM  

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