July 03, 2008

sweet tallulah june

friday, june 27 was amazing. it was monumental!! it was bill gates' last day of work. it was chris' last day of work. it was our small group leader's last day of work at his old job and his first day at a new job. one of our friends' fiance's started his new job. wall-e was released. it was alex's bachelorette party. and (drumroll) TALLULAH JUNE WAS BORN!!

now i'm no country star, but there needs to be a song about sweet tallulah june. she's my newest cousin! well, technically, she's my cousin's newest baby, but i claim all of those amazing girls as my cousins. these are some of my favorite pics. i've been sick (dangit) so i haven't met her yet, but i (hopefully) will tomorrow!! hooray for 4th of july parades!! :) (she's not in it, but we're all invited...)

mae mae giving her a sweet kiss.

liza's a big sister now!!!

alice lovin on her.

the whitmire girls!!

family of SIX!! :)

in other news, today is our 25 month anniversary. amazing!

so i've been sick since last wednesday. then on monday i threw my back out for the first time in over 4 years. today is my first full day back to work and we have tomorrow off. amazingly short week!! we're housesitting the slatens' house, and chris has been sick too (of course he got what i had) which means we've watched A LOT of movies and tv. movies: mean girls, jurassic park, my best friend's wedding, nanny mcphee, ratatoullie, wall-e (that was on saturday in the theater while i was getting sicker), the game, pieces of the others, star wars episodes 3 and 4, be kind rewind, the prestige, probably more that i'm not thinking of. tv: cosby show, gilmore girls, friends, scrubs, price is right, good eats, iron chef, cooking contests, the office, the golden girls, america's funniest videos, definitely more that i'm not thinking of. in other words, chris and i, the two who don't own a tv and hardly ever watch anything, feel GROSS. and i think i'm addicted.

my dear friend jenn hand blog-tagged me a while back, so i had to answer some questions. do i have to tag someone? well i'm gonna. i tag jennifer glass and mandie slaten. TAG! now you have to answer these questions and put them on your blog!! :)

Jenn’s survey:
1) What was I doing ten years ago? i was working as a camp counselor at my home-away-from-home, camp vesper point! it’s where i met my sweet husband, although not that summer.

2) What are five things on my to do list today? 1) make a huge dent in the copying i have to do for work; 2) tell as many people as possible about the new ben shive album; 3) go home early!; 4) rest my aching back; 5) read a giant chunk of exodus.

3) Snacks I enjoy: oh brother. the list could be endless b/c i just LOVE food. just a few: really cold grapes, cinnamon graham crackers with peanut butter, ice cream, cereal, dried apricots and almonds, trail mix, granola, pretzels....see? long list.

4) Places I have lived: signal mountain, tn; birmingham, al; chattanooga, tn

5) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: figure out a way to actually help the poor; donate a giant chunk to compassion international; pay my student loans; buy our house with cash money

6) People I want to know more about: Jesus – sadly, i don’t know nearly as much as i should about him; my family members that are no longer living; i don't know. i always know the answers to these questions before i'm asked...

7) Two things I have in common with Oprah: we both have two eyes, a nose and a mouth. that’s three.

8) You can tell a lot about a person by: what they spend their money on, what they think about, and what they spend time doing; also by what’s in their purse. :)

9) Are you a yeller when you get angry? unfortunately yes. one or two words will pop out in a yell and i’ll usually catch myself. hopefully Jesus will reign this in before i have kids...

10) Have you ever danced in public? of course! ropers baby! and chris and i dance randomly all the time.

11) What did you do to deserve your first detention? i never went...i don’t think.

12) What did you do to deserve your first paddling? i never got paddled. i did, however, throw the blame on my brother OFTEN and he got paddled a LOT. ;)

13) Name 3 things you like about the town you live in: 1) both of our families are here and we get to see them all the time; 2) it’s really beautiful and close to lots of outdoorsy places to go; 3) all of our friends that we’ve made and kept through the years.

14) Name four things you love to do now: 1) spending time with my wonderful husband; 2) hanging out with friends in creative ways; 3) reading; 4) being outside in any capacity

15) Name something unusual you carry with you wherever you go: deodorant. i never leave home without it!

16) What's your favorite website: too many to narrow it down to just one....here’s five. 1) http://www.andrew-peterson.com/ 2) http://www.rabbitroom.com/ 3) icanhascheezburger.com 4) reachsouthasia.blogspot.com 5) http://www.worldnextdoormarket.com/

17) When and where was your first kiss? on my front porch with his family, who was dropping me off after a night out with them, watching. *shudder*

18) What would an enemy have to say about you? i’m really moody. [friends would say that too]

19) Favorite childhood memory: too many to list!! playing easter egg baseball with my entire family; climbing the evergreen tree beside my bedroom with my brother and cousins and shouting at passing cars “fart all you want! we don’t care!”; playing in the woods for hours on end with my brother; going to the pool with my brother; going on family vacations to the beach; going camping with my family at least once a month; field day – i LOVED field day; and the list goes on and on....

20) Any regrets? not living like Christ has created me to live. also smoking cigarettes in high school. every time i walk through a cloud of smoke, i secretly like inhaling...gross.


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I'm going to have a cute little baby soon....In six weeks..Wow!.....Crazy huh. I'm sorry you've been sick. Ipray you recover quickly.

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