July 17, 2008

Forrest and Alex's Wedding Festivities!

how blessed am i to have such an amazing brother and new sister in law??! i can't wait to get to hang out with them as a married couple!!

this was a coed shower that was given for them. we didn't get too many pictures, but here's some of them opening a pretty huge gift of outdoor furniture!! alex is saying "shoot girl! are you serious????"

the happy couple!!!

one of their friends had just had a baby (4 or 5 days before!!) and forrest got a chance to hold her (him? shoot. i can't remember.) i LOVE the look he's giving her!!

alex's bachelorette party was an absolute blast!! we laughed a LOT that night!! :)

hot pink sash and feather boa, sparkly tiara and giant fluffy veil?? it's the bride!!! :)

all the ladies!!

the morning after at ihop. MMM!

thursday night before the wedding, forrest and all the guys went to the lookout's game where tw arranged him to throw in the first pitch!! here's a little video of it too!!

july 11-12, 2008 were two perfect days!! the rehearsal was great!

i was giving liza instructions about what to do. lila couldn't be there b/c kendall was in labor with little josephine!! :)

the rehearsal dinner was beautiful and delicious! lots of wonderful things were said about this amazing couple. (that's tallulah june in laurie's arms - NOT a new towns baby!!!)

the day of the wedding! in alex's words, she was "so chill" all morning.

most beautiful bride EVER!!

woo hoo!! look at those red shoes!!! :)

lovely ladies all dressed up and ready to go!! i LOVED getting to spend time with these amazing women.

the only picture chris was able to get during the ceremony b/c of the lighting. liza and lila walked down the aisle together for about 5 rows, then lila turned around and picked up every petal liza had dropped. she slowly made her way down the aisle (so slowly that alex was almost kicking her heels as she and her dad were coming down!) picking up every single one!!! HYSTERICAL!!! i love that girl. :) and i LOVE the look on forrest's face here!!

this is all they did for the entire reception - talk to the more than 600 people attending!! they are truly surrounded with good friends!! (you can see forrest's ring in this one!)

the walkers are off to florida!!!


Blogger jenn said...

Thank you for posting pics of the wedding! She was beautiful and seems to be just the right addition to a lovely family! Hooray for you all!

2:43 PM  

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