July 14, 2008

overwhelmed with good stuff

as you all know, tallulah june whitmire was born on june 27. i think she's officially my second cousin (my first cousin's baby), but i claim her as my neice.

friday, july 11, josephine pearl crowder was born!! again, technically a second cousin, but she holds the place as my 6th neice. :) :) :)

saturday, july 12, alex liner and forrest walker were welcomed into the wonderful world of being ONE!! (they got married) i will, of course, post more pictures when i have a minute...

wednesday, july 23, chris and i will close on our first HOUSE! and then we move in at the end of this month!!

wednesday, august 6, christopher starts his new job teaching!!!

so much good stuff going on!!!!


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yay! :-)

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