July 30, 2008

pancreatic cancer

please pray for my dear friend jane who just found out that she has pancreatic cancer. she and her husband are so active, so young (early 50's, but look and act like they're 30), are brand new grandparents...this is such a shock.

she had been having problems with what they thought was her gall bladder, and when they were looking at that, they found the spots on her pancreas - praise the LORD they found it when they did!! there are apparently two kinds of pancreatic cancer - the "good" kind and the "bad" kind. they're 85% sure that she has the bad kind. the good kind will let you live for 5 years. the bad kind only months. please join me in praying that God wipes it out COMPLETELY!!! He doesn't care how long anything gives anyone to live. He is the author and giver of life. only He makes the call.

in a similar vein, check out these two videos. the first one is a worship song. listen to it. the second one is the story behind this particular performance. believe it.




Blogger Michelle said...

I'm going to be praying hard core. God can heal!

9:23 AM  

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