January 23, 2010

babies rule

i don't know if people stalk my blog or not. but if you're reading this, i'm just gonna go ahead and apologize for: a) the lack of updates. facebook tends to take most of my "updating the world" time. b) the lack of anything other than baby-related things in any posts to come. it's the only thing on my mind lately, so there's not much room for much else in my brain.

we're going to register for baby stuff today. i asked for suggestions on fb and got SO many wonderful responses. it's really great to hear from people who have done it before and have gained some wisdom from the process. God has SO blessed me this year at school with one of my kid's parents. she and i seem to have the same beliefs and stands on certain parenting issues (even though i'm technically not a parent yet...) and she's so generous with her advice and time!! and she speaks my love language - long rambly emails. :) i'm a big nerd and have made a giant spreadsheet with all the tips and suggestions people have given - complete with categories so i can sort them. you can mock me. i'm used to it.

i've ALREADY been blown away by the generosity of people around me. people at school have already scheduled my work shower; several moms from school have offered to loan, give or sell [for a GREAT discount] things; one of my kid's grandmothers (actually, the same kid whose mom gives such great advice! - what a giving family!) out of the blue handed me this huge baby-gift bag stuffed full of hand crocheted blankets and caps. SERIOUSLY?!; a friend that i haven't seen in years has offered for us to go rummaging through their house and pick out anything we want. simply amazing. i can't wait to offer this same kind of generosity and awesomeness to friends who have babies!!!

material things i'm excited about:
-i can't wait to own one of these.
-i can't wait to hang two prints in the nursery that my mom is generously giving us. (can't find a picture online...)
-i can't wait to get rid of these and get some of these!

that's about it. everyone keeps asking me all excitedly what i'm going to "do" the nursery in. i don't really have a plan, and i don't plan to have a plan. the kid's gonna have some cute bunny pictures on the wall, a colorful blanket, and some white shutters in the windows. other than that, i don't really want anything! simplicity rules!!

deeper things i'm excited about:
-i can't wait to look into my baby's eyes for the first time.
-i can't wait to sing, tell, read to him about how much Jesus loves him.
-i can't wait to smell that baby smell.
-i can't wait to eavesdrop on chris interacting with him.
-i can't WAIT to be a mom. i could go on and on.

babies r us, watch out. here we come. :)


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