November 05, 2009

my newest love

i have fallen in love again. this time it's with an article of clothing, or maybe it's just an accessory. it's the BELLA BAND!!! goodness. it's fabulous, and i wish i had invented it. at 11 weeks pregnant, my belly is starting to expand just a little - enough to make my regular pants really tight. but i tried on maternity pants yesterday, and i am definitely not big enough for those. awkward phase!!! answer? the bella band. observe:

*note - this is NOT my belly...

all you do is pull on your regular pants that can't button anymore, leave them unbuttoned, maybe even unzipped a little, and stretch that bella band over the waist and VOILA! it smooths out the edges AND holds your pants up. it has worked marvelously for me today, and i'll probably have to go get one in another color as well. thank you target!

in other news, have you discovered "just veggies" yet? i'm munching on them right now. they are SO delicious and give me my veggies for the day, which is just fabulous. you can eat it like popcorn or you can throw them in soup or ramen to add just a few veggies to the mix! bravo!! i love them!!! my dear friend audrey introduced them to me. well, i guess i sort of just stole them from her since she was snacking on them, and she only just turned 2 so she couldn't defend her snack very well. but i did wind up buying my own eventually. :)

in final news, wait wait don't tell me - HERE WE COME! :) :) :)


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