October 17, 2009

something is better than nothing

it's fall break. i had yesterday off, and chris and i both get monday and tuesday - huttah!! our plans were for him to finish up his p/t conferences on friday afternoon and then head to cowen to visit nana. then on sunday we were going to keep going on to nashville to spend some time with the shives so chris and ben could get some studio time in. well, guess what? none of it is going to happen. last monday, i was home sick. tuesday we were both home sick. wednesday chris was dressed and ready to go to work and he randomly took his temp and it was still up - 101.4. *sigh* i got a zpack and knocked mine out. but chris, since he had fever and muscle aches, got tamiflu....oink! oink! i've just sort of been praying that i don't get it...but i'm beginning to think that it's not actually the flu. we probably had the same thing, only mine stayed in my head and his went down to his chest. poor thing can barely sleep because he's coughing so much. i need to call the dr to see if he needs an antibiotic. he's sleeping right now. long story short - no fall break for us. sorry nana. sorry nashville. bummer.

last night i baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. holy smokes. i was CRAVING them, and i wound up eating 3 of them...oosh. sorry tummy. it was a bit much for me. and now i have about 3 doz cookies in my kitchen...i need to start halving recipes...

i really like flowers. i worked an emmaus walk last weekend and when i got home, there was a beautiful arrangement of flowers - including red rovers! my favorite fall flower! - on our kitchen table. bless him. it brightened my day, and they're still in there!

i've been watching cooking shows on "create" all day today. it's pizza day - every show makes their own version of pizza. i'm dying! i want pizza so badly!!! instead? sweet potato and cottage cheese. mmmmmm!!!!!

sorry i never blog. i just don't think about it.....


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