March 29, 2009

cheesy chocolatey goodness

mmmmmm. chocolate chip cheesecake. the saddest thing that's happened to me in a long time. let me explain. i love cheesecake. it's easy to make and i've done it several times before. chris's favorite dessert is cheesecake. here comes the sad part: this is the first cheesecake i've ever made. bah!! i was going to make it for his birthday back in december, but we had been rolling in decadent everything for about 2 weeks there, and the thought of another rich dessert made us both feel icky. so he asked me to wait to make it. so a couple of days ago while he was at work and i was still spring breakin it, i whipped it up. the next day (b/c we were having dinner with my family that night), i put candles in it and sang happy birthday to him! it was really fun!! and talk about DELICIOUS!!!!!!!


Blogger A Line Walker said...

yes, this is me requesting this as our Christmas present. thank you :)

8:32 PM  

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