March 23, 2009

lovely monday

today we went to the kemah boardwalk, a charming little amusement park/village by the gulf. it was w-iiiiiiiii-ndy and a bit overcast. we didn't ride any rides because we had little audrey with us, and we didn't go in any stores because they weren't open - much to our cofusion. but we had a great time just walking around and looking at the place. i appreciated the fact that you could just walk around without having to pay an admission fee. i would really like to see the place at night, all lit up and crowded.

i just woke up from an hour-and-a-half nap on the couch. mmmm. spring break.

elizabeth is the kind of person i can just sit with and say i've had the best time EVER. we both think that we might have been twins separated at birth by how similar we are. i can't tell you how many hours we've spent laughing and chatting together in our lifetime. and their little audrey, we both agreed on earlier today, is the cutest thing on earth. she's at that hilarious stage where babble is her main form of talking, but she'll mimic anything - ANYTHING - she hears. look out, tongue!! little ears are listening. elizabeth is the kind of person that, if we lived in the same town, we would be inseparable friends. move back to chattanooga, ebit!!!

tomorrow we get to have an official, real-deal tour of NASA. are you kidding me?? ebit's hubby works there. he's been working the night shift for about 2 weeks now since they have a shuttle up there. see it? up there...anyway, i'm super excited. we don't get to go into mission control though, since they lock everything down to outsiders when they have a shuttle up there. no, there. up there....i'm a little nervous. what if i push a button or something that makes something blow up?? what if i say something stupid like "what's that?" and they'll be like "oh my gosh. you don't know what THAT is?? pppsshhhaw!!" *sigh*

off to finish perelandra. happy monday!


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