April 09, 2009

easter day!!

easter is my FAVORITE holiday. hello? Jesus rose from the DEAD?? are you kidding me?! that is SO cool. i mean, anyone can die, but to stinking RISE up again? sheesh. i just love it!! and, i mean, i'm all about easter bunnies and eggs and stuff, but i really wanted my kids to hear the REAL easter story. we've been reading it all week and they colored this with crayons (just one of them - don't know how to break it up) on regular printer paper, then they rubbed the back of it with a cotton ball soaked with oil and voila! it made it a stained glass window!! they've been so pretty hanging in our window all week, and today they get to take them home.

we also did the legend of the sand dollar thanks so an AMAZING friend who collects sand dollars and let me have THIRTY of them!! each of my kids got one to break open to see the doves and one to take home whole. it. was. awesome!!!! they LOVED it. i just hope they make them home whole...i painted them with glue, so here's hoping to in-tact sand dollars for easter!!!

today was insane. we had a "wacky weather" field trip from the creative discovery museum that we booked way back in august, so we didn't realize it was our easter party day, but no worries! it worked beautifully! then we had our easter party craft and snack, then we hunted eggs with the 3rd grade!! then a surprise visit from the easter bunny topped it off as the funnest day ever! and the kids were great!!!! exclamation points!!!!!!!!! but don't forget the reason for the celebration:

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said!!!


Blogger Jenn said...

Happy Easter Lind-z. I miss you sweet gal. I saw that you are giving a talk on the womans walk. Wahoo. I will be praying for you sweet sister.

11:17 AM  

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