October 20, 2009

food cravings

happy last morning of fall break everyone! *sigh* since chris has been sick, i feel like we haven't done anything, which is okay since he's BETTER. glory. he woke up yesterday without a fever. that was the first time in SIX days. we were both relieved. he felt so good yesterday, actually, that we cleaned the house (man it needed it...and we're not really done...), went to see a movie (where the wild things are) and walked around the mall for a bit! it was glorious to just be out of the house. i ran some errands in the mall while chris played in barnes and noble. i asked him what he had been up to when we met back up, and he said "just being out of the house..." bless him.

i just ate a whole grain eggo waffle with peanut butter, sliced bananas, honey, cinnamon and ground ginger on top. GLORY. it was SO GOOD. i'm seriously considering making myself another one.

remember those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies i made the other day? remember how when i ate 3 of them, i had troubles? nathan came over last night to help us move some furniture around, and his "payment" was 6 of those cookies. he said "oh boy!!! i'm gonna eat one right now!" about 5 minutes later, they were ALL gone. NATHAN!!!! honey - you're gonna be hurtin. his reply: "i was hungry!" bless him.

have you ever craved one kind of food and only one kind of food? whenever i think about what i want to eat (except for my eggo creation that i'm about to go re-create) the ONLY thing i want is mexican. sometimes i go on a chinese kick. sometimes a burger kick. right now, it's mexican. from taco bell to taco mamacita. bring it on!!! why is that?

off to eat another breakfast, and then to school. yes, i know it's fall break. but our comments for our report cards that go out monday are due tomorrow...but, our boss won't be there tomorrow...hmm.............very interesting.


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