November 01, 2009

weekend highlights

this past week was the longest week in the history of the world. we were going up to the mountain cabin with chris' parents! we haven't been up to the cabin with them in TWO YEARS. i knew it had been a long time, but while we were there, i looked it up and it had been 2 years...shameful. we left after work on friday and got back this afternoon. there were several highlights.

since i'm still in my first trimester, all i do is sleep, talk about how tired i am, sit down, breathe deeply and sigh, sleep and talk about sleeping. so all i wanted to do this weekend was, you guessed it, sleep. no hikes for this trip! while not many naps were taken, lots of sitting around was had by all!! it was lovely. right when we got there, the cabin was warm with a fire, and dinner was perfectly ready - pot roast with broiled veggies. are you kidding me?! we got there, hugged the parents, sat down for 5 minutes, and then sat down to one of the most delicious dinners i've ever had!! GLORY! i said, "now THIS is my kinda vacation!!" and then the next night we had steaks grilled outside. wow the food was good!!!

they taught us a marvelous new game introduced to them by the lovely jane neall - mexican train dominoes. i won't try to explain it here, but just know that it is beautifully addictive and so so fun!! it's one of those games that you can play for a little while, do something else for a few hours and then come back to it later. the highlight of the game experience requires some explanation...i will explain that the winner gets rid of all his dominoes and gets a score of zero for that round. everyone else adds up the total dots of their remaining tiles that they didn't play, and that's their score for the round - lowest score in the end wins. an average score for someone who doesn't win is anywhere from 5-30. no big numbers. well, one round i didn't win and my score was 140. that is one-hundred-and-forty. GOOD GRIEF!!! if you know how to play, we were playing double-ones, and i never even drew a one out of the boneyard!!!!!!! i think i had about 25 tiles and had only played tiles on the "wild" trains. *sigh* it was HILARIOUS. we laughed for a long long time, and i officially went down in the record books. haha!!!

we took little banjo with us - his third trip to the mountain! but it was his first trip when it wasn't just chris and me. we learned that we should only take him when it's going to be the two of us. not that he was a nuisance. we just thought he does better when it's just us. but the banjo highlight was mostly our fault, not his: late this morning, chris and i were reading on the front porch, and he came to the front door and started crying. i said "oh i wish we could bring him out here!" a few minutes later, i got him and just held him out on the porch. we thought there would be no harm in letting him down to explore for a little while. he's NEVER run from us when we were trying to get him, so we figured he wouldn't bolt into the wilderness. well...he didn't bolt from us, but he got REALLY spooked and it took us a while to get him. he just kept circling and circling and circling the house and would NOT let us catch him. every time he would come to a window, he would reach his little paws up and cry. he really just wanted back inside!!! chris thought it was because he (banjo) thought we were "hunting" him, b/c we basically just followed him around everywhere he went. he eventually just sat under the front porch and wailed in a deep gutteral cry that i've never heard come from his little body! i crawled under the porch and he let me pick him up. when i handed him off to chris though, he started flailing around - which is REALLY unlike him - but we finally got him back inside. *whew* BAD decision on our part...and mostly my part since it was my idea. as he was recovering under the bed, we noticed that all his little paws were really muddy. they've never been muddy before!! poor little buddy...

the greatest highlight of the entire weekend was gaining an hour on saturday night. GLORY!!! i love that day every year. it's probably the last time we'll be able to enjoy it until our kids are old enough to enjoy it too...babies don't know about daylight savings time...*sigh*


Blogger Emily said...

I can't believe I've been missing these blogs! I love them! Thank you for cluing me in. Keep writing. I loved our mountain time, too. I am so blessed with you in my life...what a wonderful family.
GG :-)

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