December 11, 2009

three little words

my whole life, i have always said that when i have kids, i want boys. all boys! no girls allowed!!! but when i got into teaching preschool and realized how fun little girls can be, i decided either would be really nice, for lots of their own reasons. since being pregnant, i haven't had a hunch one way or another as to which one this will be! someone told me that the mom is right 80% of the time about the gender, but i said "what if i don't HAVE a hunch?!?" one day i would say, "he...his...him....." and the next i would be saying, "her...hers...she....." i started really thinking it was a girl since i was having VERY vivid dreams about once a week that we had a little girl, and all the crazy "tests" came out as girl (the silly ones - string and ring and chinese gender chart) haha. like those are accurate. we had TONS of girl names that we liked, and not really any boy names that we liked.

so when we went to get our 16 week ultrasound on wednesday, and he said,

"it's a boy,"

i said "WHAT?????" i wasn't disappointed AT ALL, but i was definitely surprised!! A BOY!!!!!!!!!! it's really a boy. i wasn't aware that anyone from my generation in my family was capable of making a boy!! (my aunt and uncle have 6 grandkids - ALL girls!) i'm going to have a son. i have no words to express the emotions that go along with that phrase!!!!!

when i found out i was pregnant, i was beyond excited. when i had the ultrasound where it moved, the pregnancy became more "real" to me. not in any way that it wasn't real to me before, but to see it actually MOVE around, it was amazing. but now that i know it's a boy...WOW. i can call it by name - or at least by gender - and know that that's who i'm talking to for sure!! (or at least i'm 75% sure...the dr said there's about a 25% chance it's a girl since it's still kind of early...apparently girl "parts" can be swollen while they're still developing at this stage, so there's a small chance it's a girl...but i SAW it man. it's a BOY!)

i will say i was tempted to keep it a secret from the general public b/c i don't want this boy to be overrun with BLUE. but i think it will balance out in the end. it's more fun to shout it from the rooftops anyway!

so if you're reading this and you have brilliant boy names, let me have it! sock it to me! don't hold back! we need some ideas, because everything we come up with is just sort of "eh." my k4 kids have named it "gizmo sillyface", and unfortunately, i keep calling it "gizmo"...i'm scared of getting used to it. so quick! send some ideas my way!!! we want it to be different, but nothing too terribly rare. easy to spell and pronounce. meaningful - either in literal meaning or because of family heritage, preferrably both. fitting for a child and an adult. i know, high hopes. but it will come. and we have plenty of time.

in other news, my k4's SHINED this morning! (or is it shone?) we had our christmas program, and i cannot even begin to describe how amazing they were. they stood where they were supposed to, sang the songs perfectly, didn't mess around or goof off, remembered the verse they was AMAZING!!! not to mention they were beyond adorable in their natvity costumes. i wish i could post pictures of them, but i'm not about to post someone else's kid's face on my random blog! you'll just have to come over to my house if you want to see pictures or a video. :)


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