November 13, 2009

potato soup day

my nana (pronounced nonna - very important) died 5 years ago this past august. it was really weird when she passed away since we saw her ALL the time. i lived with a roommate in the same apartment as her - there were only 4 apts, not one of the massive ones - and our apt was her old apt that i grew up going to. we moved in when she moved downstairs, right below us. she was so intermeshed into our lives that it took a long, long time to get used to her being gone. and apparently, i'm still getting used to it. i left work early today - probably shouldn't have gone at all - because of a sore throat and overall icky feeling. on the groggy drive home, i thought about food we had at home. three potatoes. mmm. maybe i'll call nana to get her to make potato soup....whoa.

blame it on being sick. blame it on being pregnant. but the thought just went through my head to call my grandmother that's been dead for 5 years!!! of course, she did make the most amazing potato soup ever. i attempted it, and it just doesn't make the cut. *sigh*

in other news, i have an announcement! FIRST TRIMESTER OVER!!! glory. everyone swore to me that i would find my energy again, and i must be honest and say that i doubted them. but really, almost to the day, i realized i wasn't having to sit down every 5 minutes, that i could dance around with my 4 year olds without breathing hard, that i wasn't taking deep breaths and sighing every second, that i wasn't in bed at 7:30 every night. hello energy!! i'm not running marathons or anything, but i'm not exhausted anymore. thank you Lord! but i will say that i seem to have lost my patience. it's just GONE with the kids. i'm trying to decide which is worse to not have - energy or patience...every time i decide on one, i change my mind. hm. they're both awful to lose...

we had our 12 week ultrasound this past wednesday, and IT. WAS. AMAZING. the first one at 8 weeks was truly miraculous. i've been excited to be pregnant, have been totally "in" the moment and knowing what was going on. but now it's different. almost more of a reality...even though that phrase doesn't quite explain it. the baby isn't a blob on the screen anymore. it has a very distinct head, body, arms, nose, eyes, etc...and the best part of all - IT MOVED!chris had our camera and caught it on video!! he (or she) was very still and i hadn't even thought about it moving. i've read that it is, even though i can't feel it, but i just hadn't thought about it. and i was already amazed at the baby-ness of it, and then JUMP! it was like he twitched or jerked or something - maybe he was asleep and we woke him up! wait wait! i'll try to post the video!!! then after that, he was flexing his neck and moving his arms around! chris said it looked like he was rubbing his eyes. :) :) :) it was remarkable. what an amazing miracle and priviledge that we get to take part in!!

oohooh! and since that video worked (i've never posted a video before!!!) i'll post this one too...

it was also the first time we've seen the doctor that's going to be with us the whole time. i usually see the p.a. of the office, but from now on it will be dr. barker, and we are SO happy with him. i'm so excited!!! he said that the next visit - in 4 weeks - we'll be able to tell the gender. WOW!! i cannot wait. every time i decide that i want one (boy or girl) i change my mind and want the other for one reason or another. then i go back to the previous choice...then back again...i just don't care which one we get!!!! either one will be phenomenal. i just hope and pray that he or she is healthy, happy, and comes to know the Lord.

off to clean the kitchen. how does it get so bad so fast?


Blogger LeeAnne said...

Love the videos - how cool to see him/her jump like that! My favorite part of being pregnant was feeling the baby move - that's what really made it real for me. And I see you're a fan of Babycenter! I found it when Maggie was 6 months old, and I have some dear "in real life" friends I happened to meet via the October '04 "birth club." After you have the baby, you'll appreciate having a place where you can go to brag ad nauseum about your genius child (don't worry, we all do it!) or ask "Is this normal?" :)

3:06 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Your Nana story made me cry. What a rich relationship you had with her. Of course, my granbaby's jumping (I think he had the hiccups) and rubbing his eyes made me cry, too. I'm excited about finding out if it is a he or she and I, too, am excited about either. Some of my friends think I would want a girl, since i raised 2 boys, and that would be fun to do girlie things. But then a boy for your first born is wonderful, too, and he carries on the Slaten name, which is such a special thing. So you see, a girl to play girlie things with and dress up or a boy to do all the things I'm familiar with in raising boys. It's a win, win! Love, GG (Grandmother Gaye)

9:15 AM  

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