July 18, 2010

60 days

*disclaimer* i can't seem to ever get blogger to align things correctly. forgive me if the spacing is weird!!

chris and i mentioned the other day that we really wanted to start journalling about shepard's days. i'm inspired to journal from reading anne lamott's "operating instructions" - one of the most hilarious and wonderful books i've EVER read. (iseriously could not read it in bed after chris had gone to sleep because i was constantly waking him up from laughing out loud.) anyway, inspired though i may be, i'm always overwhelmed at journalling b/c i'm always behind. i started a paper journal (remember those? they involve using some sort of writing utencil to record one's thoughts) when i found out i was pregnant, and i claimed i was going to keep track of all the little fellow did inside me. well, there are approximately 5 entries. maybe more. but certainly not enough to count as a thorough journal! anyway, overwhelmed though i may be, HERE I AM. i just have to start. so there. it is hard to start though, b/c i could ramble for DAYS about the first two months of his life. i'll pick a few highlights...

tomorrow, july 19, shepard will be two months old!! simply amazing. it truly does feel like we were just in the hospital. forget that, it feels like yesterday that we found out we were pregnant! i have never experienced anything like parenthood before. (duh) people say it, but you don't really understand until you do it: parenthood is the most wonderful, exhausting, exciting, terrifying, fun, frustrating, natural, and hard thing you'll ever do. i look at shepard's little face and fall in love more each time. sheesh.

he has started "talking" to us, which is just so much fun! whether he's happy or crying, his little sounds are more than just a BLAT! they have inflections and changes in volume and personality. when i realized that he had been doing that for a while, it hit me that whoa! this little baby is going to grow up to be an actual person who can talk and ask questions and give opinions and stuff. whoa!
some ways that he has changed recently:
- he doesn't make sweet little sighing squeaks when he's nursing anymore :,(
- he can scoot backwards.
- he reaches for things.
- he SMILES all the time - especially when he sees his parents!!
- he doesn't scream NEARLY as much as he used to! :)
- he seems to have stopped taking a bottle. this is NOT good for the girl who wants to go back to work part time...
- he will lay and play on his play mat for up toabout 20 minutes by himself!
- despite being 2 months, he's wearing 3 month clothes.
and now for some pictures:
the first time mama caught me smilin on camera!

i'll get you, you dirty monkey!!

i do NOT like tummy time, mama.

i LOOOOOVE my daddy!!!

chillin' with my jungle friends.

sleepin' in my uncle's old room at gan and grandfather's house!

stylin in my suit and hat!


my first photo shoot in the really awesome outfit that gan bought me!

i was screaming at mommy by this time in the photo shoot. she's a torturer and will do
anything to get a foot shot.

check out my muscles!!

i love taking baths, but drying off always makes me feel a little crabby...

spending some good time with my great-grandmother, nana. she sounds like she knows what she's talking about!


Blogger LeeAnne said...

He is so cute - I love the pictures! Can't wait to meet him in person!

12:31 PM  
Blogger bethfreddy said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Lyndsay! Its so great to hear... and see!... what y'all are up to. Hugs all around!

7:44 PM  

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