July 23, 2010

happy accidents

so i had a wreck today with shepard in the car.


the real story is that i loaded the both of us up to go to coolidge park to take a walk (the 2nd day in a row we've actually done it!!) and i was so focused on talking and singing and keeping him distracted and happy, that i *BAM* backed into the honda. BIG sigh. the bad news is that the nanawagon (what i was driving) has a giant crack in the bumper. the good news is that it's a 1992 station wagon that we'll probably never trade in. the other good news is that the honda - the one we probably will trade in soon - wasn't hurt at all! sheesh. what a ditz.

in other, better news, CHRIS IS HOME! you may not have known he was gone. i don't like to broadcast it when i'm home alone. you know. stalkers. he was in nashville all week recording his two new songs with ben shive, his [awesome, amazingly talented, ridiculously fabulous] producer. i could ramble and rant all day long about how awesome a songwriter my husband is. his songs are always so thoughtful, catchy, fun, beautiful, meaningful. i LOVE his music! and you will too!! his first album came out in 2004 and you can get it on itunes or amazon.com. this new album will hopefully come out sometime in the spring. you are gonna LOVE it. the new stuff absolutely blows me away.

i started this post on friday. it's monday. oh well...


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