October 06, 2010

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's TIME!

goodness time goes by. i was doing pretty well with posts, but then life happened i suppose. right now i should be vacuuming and cleaning in general, so i figured it was the perfect time for a blog update. :)

i would try to post some pictures but...big sigh...our computer crashed. hard drive fail. all the pictures and videos of shepard - gone. we haven't gotten a second opinion or had a specialist look at it, so there might be some hope left. i'm using mom's computer, and i just don't want to dump the new pics onto her computer. anyway...

shepard is 4 1/2 months old, and he's more fun than ever! he's reaching for everything, putting most things to his mouth, drooling, interacting, talking (read, shouting), rolling over, trading stocks and bonds, etc... he's just so grown up and humongous i don't know what to do! he's wearing 6 month, and even some 9 month clothes. the bins of clothes that he has outgrown are multiplying. his favorite things to do are to "grouch" (it's this non-fussy, shouting/growling, and it's so ridiculously cute i can't stand it!), lie on his back and kick his feet with unprecendented speed (think, riverdance), and be outside. he can be fussy and about to have a meltdown, and just stepping outside will instantly cure him. i laid a quilt in the front yard yesterday afternoon when he was starting to get fussy, and when i laid him on his back, he was all smiles and kicks!! he really is a nature boy.

we took him to the aquarium last week. chris and i love the aquarium and had a membership when we lived within walking distance a few years ago, and have been playing with the idea of getting another membership as soon as shepard was old enough to enjoy it. well, we went ahead and got the membership simply because we wanted to go!! it was right at shepard's nap time, and we were just going to browse around while he snoozed in the stroller. but he started to freak out like he often does when he's sleepy (goodNESS this boy fights sleep), so chris just took him out of the stroller and was going to "trick" him into thinking we weren't trying to make him sleep. but the kid was wide-eyed with wonder for over an hour in the aquarium!! he could not get enough of the fish!!! it. was. AWESOME. i am absolutely tickled that we can go to the aquarium and shepard will be happy!!!

it is getting easier and easier to take him places. he just chills and is a happy boy! this morning we went to greenlife (did you know you can get a pastry and coffee for 99 cents if you get it between 7:30 and 8:00? awesome!!) and he was the happiest thing in the world just sitting in my lap while i ate my muffin and read. then we walked on the bridge (an every-[non-work]-day occurance for us!) and he just snoozed along with the rocking of the stroller!!

another new thing is COLD AIR!! this morning was his first real cold experience. it was in the low 40s [glory!] and he had on his new red coat jacket and an awesome red winter hat that someone gave him along the way. i also had a big blanket over his little legs. he was PRECIOUS all bundled.

i guess i should stop mindlessly rambling and go get some stuff done. of course, as soon as i start, shepard will wake up hungry. :)


Blogger Gaye said...

Keep posting, Honey...at least I'm reading!!!! :-)

10:38 AM  
Blogger Gaye said...

Keep posting, dear...at least I am reading them! :-) You will be glad you did!

10:40 AM  

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